Press release : Businesses offers

Qovoltis, the new electric mobility operator, unveils its B2B solutions: OFFICE ONE and OFFICE PRO to facilitate the transition towards e-mobility for businesses.

Clear and transparent, the Qovoltis’ OFFICE ONE and OFFICE PRO offers are the ideal solution for companies looking for a flexible solution.

According to an article published on December the 1st, by the website, although the car market was impacted by the health crisis, registration of electric vehicles (EVs), hybrids or plug-in hybrids for professionals (governments, companies and long-term renters) increased in November 2020 compared to the same period in 2019. Of the 43, 926 B2B passenger cars introduced in November, 8,366 units were hybrids (a 129.2% increase vs. Nov. 2019) and 2,525 were electric vehicles (or a 145.9% increase vs. Nov. 2019).

As a pioneering mobility facilitator, Qovoltis strives to meet the expectations of companies in their ecological approach to the conversion of their automotive fleet to electric. Aiming to provide companies with a simple and transparent yet innovative and intelligent response Qovoltis is the ideal partner to guide businesses in their e-mobility transition. How? Unveiling its solutions and offers for electric charging stations available since October 2020.

Transparency and flexibility, Qovoltis’ position

The company is at the heart of Qovoltis’ strategy. With flexible and transparent offers, Qovoltis adapts to the needs of all companies to satisfy all its audiences (service vehicles, function vehicles, employees, customers, visitors). With its pricing per kWh consumed, Qovoltis guarantees the user that he only pays for what he actually consumes, regardless of the power of the terminal. Remotely manageable, the Qovoltis solution adapts to your constraints by managing your charging session based on the quantity of kWh required for your departure time.

Private or public terminals?

Anything is possible. The company can choose between installing private or public charging stations for its EV fleet. If opened to the public, the terminals can be available 7 days a week or on pre-defined time slots at no extra cost for the company, with each passing customer paying directly for their consumption.

Qovoltis, the innovative and unique actor

Qovoltis stands out in particular by being present and controlling the entire value chain, from the production of the terminal to the supply of electricity. With a long-term vision, Qovoltis isautonomous in updating its terminal’s software to adapt to new technologies and perfectly manages its innovations.

Borne de recharge Qovoltis étanche à l'eau<

The Qovoltis solution integrates the latest technologies to ensure terminal compatibility with future developments such as Plug&Charge and Vehicle-to-Grid (V2G).

Intelligent, the Qovoltis solution comes with a mobile app (available on the App Store and on Google Play) allowing for a simplified and remote management of the charging session. Other innovation: an AI algorithm that is integrated in the terminal management server that have the ability to manage an optimal distribution of electrical power between the terminals of a same site, thus charging at the best rate for each user. To date, the technologies in the Qovoltis terminals are the most advanced on the market.

Qovoltis, the right answer for companies

Qovoltis’ offers are aimed at all businesses and land managers that want to install charging stations for their EV fleets. The Qovoltis terminals are adapted to all activities, all parking configurations and are also ideal for companies wishing to offer a charging service to their teams and customers.

Qovoltis, the turnkey solution at the best price !

Qovoltis proposes a simple, turnkey solution, to install your parking with smart charging stations. From the implementation study to the maintenance and associated charging services, the Qovoltis team takes care of everything. The Qovoltis mobile app is THE answer for autonomous electric charging management for each user. Another advantage: the pricing per kWh consumed is proof of transparency allowing users (customers, collaborators, visitors …) to pay only for the electricity delivered during their charging session.

Qovoltis plans to install 3,000 charging stations in business’s parking by the end of 2021.

The OFFICE ONE and OFFICE PRO offers by Qovoltis

offers by Qovoltis Companies can either:

  • Buy the charging station ( OFFICE PRO offer)
  • Rent the charging station with a 1-year minimum engagement ( OFFICE ONE offer)

Buying or renting your charging station: everything is possible. The company will get one of the best offers for its EV fleet with very advantageous electricity prices.

The Qovoltis terminals meet the latest standards and regulations and are eligible to the ADVENIR subventions. Qovoltis takes care of all the administrative processes.

Qovoltis can install a dedicated meter to separate the vehicle’s consumption from the building’s. The installation is done by a certified IRVE electrician

The NOMAD offers
The company can also extend the use of its charging stations to its employees and visitors. Via the Qovoltis mobile app, they can easily subscribe to a NOMAD offer, conceived specifically for the open to public charging terminals.

Two NOMAD offers are available

  • OPEN: no monthly fees + 2€ tax incl. per connection + kWh delivered
  • GOLD: 20€ tax incl. + no fees per connection + kWh delivered with a 10% discount

The OPEN offer was designed for occasional users (less than 6 connections per month on a Qovoltis charger).

The GOLD offer was designed for more frequent users (more than 6 connections per month on a Qovoltis charger).

How to subscribe to a NOMAD offer ?
Only a few clicks are required on the app (available on the App Store and Google Play) or on the website to subscribe and create a user account. The OPEN offer is free of any engagement.

Usual information for businesses

For more information and queries, contact Qovoltis
09 74 340 340
Open Monday to Friday, from 9am to 7pm.