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Qovoltis, is a unique, elegant, and performant charging solution for your real estate project.

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Bornes de recharges Qovoltis Qobox

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Qovoltis has a modern design.

Equipped with the most advanced recharging vehicle technology, the chargers are compatible with Plug&Charge and Vehicle-to-grid (V2G) and ensure long-term technological advancement.

Everything will be taken care of by one of our IRVE * certified electricians, from the installation, the electric meter, to the charging station’s commissioning, and coordinated by Qovoltis.

The optimization and smart control of your charging sessions are based on an algorithm, developed by the Qovoltis, based on a proprietary Artificial Intelligence. Thus, Qovoltis contributes to the optimization of your charging sessions and to the balance of the electricity network.

*Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure

Borne de recharge Qovoltis avec son application dédiée

Thanks to an intuitive mobile app, the Qovoltis users can choose between two charging modes: fast charging for immediate power or optimized to benefit from the best electricity rates per kWh delivered.

With up to 22kWh, the Qovoltis terminals can deliver a charge equivalent to 120km in just 1 hour.**.

**simulation based on a 18kWh consumption for a 100km autonomy

Borne de recharge pour véhicule électrique Qobox S

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Qovoltis takes care of everything.

We guarantee a simple and fast installation.

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Borne de recharge pour voiture électrique, maison individuelle

Qovoltis for Single Family Homes

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