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Don’t wait any longer, equip yourself with the smartest and most efficient charging terminals on the market. The Qovoltis solution was designed to cater to the needs everyone: condominiums, single family homes, businesses, land developers, etc.

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Easy to use

With secured authentication using a QR Code, the Qovoltis charger is very easy to use and adapted for everyone. Configure your charging session via the Qovoltis app and take full advantage of the Qobox features.


The Qovoltis charging terminal charges the daily 30km of a city vehicle in 15 minutes, i.e. 2h30 for a full recharge


The Qovoltis charging station provides security and stability to the electrical infrastructure on which it is installed all the while protecting the user.


With the mobile app, the user can choose their charging mode: optimized or fast.


Charge véhicule électrique


Just plug-in and let Qovoltis take care of the rest. Thanks to the ISO 15118 standard, the Qovoltis charger connects with all compatible vehicles through the charging cable.

As a result, you don’t even need to sign in with the charger to start charging. Your car is immediately recognized, and the system will start charging according to your settings.

V2C schéma

V2G (Vehicle to Grid) Compliant

Qovoltis chargers are ready for V2G (Vehicle-to-Grid). Qovoltis V2G can improve efficiency and reduce costs for both vehicle owners and utility companies.

With Qovoltis V2G, car owners can supply electricity from their car to the power grid or home during peak hours for electricity cost (e.g., evening hours while at home), and recharge at the lowest cost during off-peak hours (e.g. early morning).

Car owners can save money with V2G while contributing to more stable, cost-effective, and greener smart power grids.

Technical Specificities

Electric Vehicle Charger – Qobox

Bornes de recharges Qovoltis pour voitures électriques

Physical aspects

Qobox T

Qobox S

IP55 IP55
Height 1300 mm x Width 350 mm  x Depth 150 mm Height 350 mm x Width 350 mm x Depth 150 mm
20 kg 8 kg
Ground based Wall Mounted
White Black
Aluminum Polycarbonate
(anti UV and abrasion)
Aluminum Polycarbonate
(anti UV and abrasion)


Maximum power per outlet 7,4 kW (single phase) / 22 kW (tree phase)
Electrical consumption MID certified electric meter
Type of socket Type 2S
Output voltage and current 230 V – 400 V, from 6 A to 32 A max
Activation and authentication QR Code / RFID Card
User information iOS and Android and web
Residual current detection Integrated Residual Current Circuit Breaker (RCCB)
Optional 4G connectivity Type E socket
Impact resistance IK 10

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