Smart charging for electric vehicles

Qovoltis is an electric vehicle charging solution composed of a smart charger with real time power demand adaptability, a mobile app to manage everything remotely and a unique consumption optimization system.

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Inside & Out

Qovoltis decided to create a stylish exterior design with no compromise on the technology inside, which is the most advanced for recharging electric vehicles.

Smart Charging

Qovoltis optimizes charging by adapting charging speed and power to your schedule, electricity availability, and electricity rates in real time. The Qovoltis charger offers unique capabilities to manage and optimize charging.

Optimized or
fast charging

At any time you can choose between optimized or fast charging on your Qovoltis application.

Fast charging will start charging immediately, and finish as quickly as possible. This mode is ideal if you want to use your vehicle as soon as possible with a maximum charge.

Optimized charging is controlled by Qovoltis intelligence, it ensures that your vehicle is perfectly charged at the time you select at the lowest possible cost.